Columbia Holocaust Education Commission

  • Lilly Filler,Co Chair
  • Lyssa Harvey,Co Chair
  • Dawn Miller Heineman
  • Donna Magaro
  • Esther Greenberg
  • Justin Heineman
  • Marlene Roth
  • Mary Burkett
  • Minda Miller
  • Patty Tucker
  • Rachel Barnett

  • Cheryl Nail, Administrative Assistant

  • Barry Abels
    Executive Director Katie & Irwin Kahn Jewish Community Center
    Executive Director Columbia Jewish Federation

About the commission

  • The Columbia Holocaust Education Commission was established in June, 2001 following the dedication of the Columbia Holocaust Memorial in Memorial Park, Columbia , SC. Lilly Filler, the chair of the Columbia Holocaust Memorial Committee, and the committee members felt that through the successful fund raising of the project, that all donated money needed to reflect the desires of the donors, Holocaust Education for grades K-12. The Columbia Holocaust Education Commission was created with Lyssa Harvey as co-chair. New Committee members have been added over the years with expertise on Holocaust Education.
  • The Mission

The Mission of the Commission is to promote awareness of the Holocaust and to foster education in grades K-12 throughout the state of South Carolina. It is the hope of the commission to inspire all South Carolinians to remember the Holocaust and the lessons that it has taught. Only through constant, vigilant, and accurate information, will the children of this state be able to fully comprehend the enormity of the lives lost and the aftermath of this dark period in World History.

Commission Meetings


The Columbia Holocaust Education Commission meets throughout the year, at the Gerry-Sue and Norman Arnold Jewish Community Campus, as needs dictate. Grants are awarded by the Commission to those who propose a project or activity that is in line with our mission of Holocaust Education. The grants are evaluated on an ongoing basis.

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